201: Linda Visnaw

Linda VisnawGolden Threads

Linda Visnow is a freelance quilting educator traveling throughout the U.S. She has published her own embroidery collections, quilt patterns, and a tutorial DVD, Threads & Inks Together – Creating Synergy. Most recently, Linda has published two free-motion workbooks called Doodling – All Over Quilt Design and Doodling – Border & Sashing Design that students use in her free motion classes. She is also a Golden Threads Designer with a series of patterns called Thread Sketches.

Week 1

Linda discusses the Golden Threads Company which was started by Cheryl Barnes nearly 20 years ago. Its focus is to help quilters overcome the top three reasons they don’t quilt their own quilts. 1) They don’t know how to plan what quilting motifs to put on the quilt. 2) They don’t know how to safely mark their quilt. And, 3) They are unsure of their free motion ability. Linda has dedicated her teaching to these three areas. The Golden Threads Paper she uses is multipurpose making it easy to plan the layout and can even be needle punched to make stencils.

She demonstrates the Proportional Scale to make any pattern fit your quilt and the pounce pad for marking. A sticky dot machine attaches adhesive dots to the paper so it won’t move on the fabric.

Week 2

Linda Visnaw is uses Cheryl Barnes book Quilting Dot to Dot, Patterns for Today’s Machine Quilter featuring over 150 designs. Dots are the key; they are everywhere you change direction in the quilting. To use, first finger trace the design to train muscle memory, next pencil trace, and then needle punch the design. For her small demonstration piece she sandwiched backing fabric, Hobbs batting, the top fabric and the Golden Threads paper with the design on top. It’s not about how fast you stitch or even how even the stitches, it’s about moving the fabric.

  • Golden Threads paper – available at Golden Threads
  • Quilting Dot to Dot, Patterns for Today’s Machine Quilter – available at Golden Threads
  • HQ Sweet Sixteen® – available at Handi Quilter
  • Hobbs Bonded Fibers batting – available at your local quilt shop

Short Takes on Longarm Quilting with Vicki Hoth

Vicki Hoth shows us a variety of tools that make the job of longarm quilting easier and we all know how quilters love gadgets. She stresses that all templates and rulers must be ¼ inch in depth for the machines. Regarding marking tools, it’s just as important to be able to get the mark out of the material. She shows the Chaco wash-away liner, a ceramic chalk pencil, an iron off marking pen and iron off pounce pad. She demonstrates a Quilters Preview Paper that’s placed on the quilt allowing you to try out various quilting designs with a marker. And, she particularly likes quilting DVD’s. You can take the teacher home with you and you don’t have to dust.

  • Templates and rulers – available at Handi Quilter
  • Chaco wash-away liner, Ceramic chalk pencil, Quilters Preview Paper, Iron off marking pen- available at your local quilt shop
  • Quilters Academy Longarm Basics Series One Continuous Line Designs – available at Handi Quilter
  • Iron off pounce pad – available at Golden Threads

Week 3

Linda shows products that help us get ready for free motion quilting. At the machine, she has a beginning project from her Hawaiian Surprise pattern. The design has been inked onto the fabric giving us lines to follow. Inking is a ploy to get people to do free motion quilting. The inked sample looks so plain but quilting gives it dimension. She uses variegated YLI thread and advises…just let it happen. Use wavy lines and have fun as Jodie demonstrates. Linda’s two free motion workbooks are Doodling – All Over Quilt Design and Doodling – Border & Sashing Design.

Hawaiian Surprise pattern – available at Linda Visnaw’s website

YLI Variations thread – available at your local quilt shop

Doodling – All Over Quilt Design – available at Linda Visnaw’s website

Border & Sashing Design – available at Linda Visnaw’s website