205: Judy Woodworth

Judy WoodworthHaving Fun with Gadgets

Judy Woodworth is an award winning quilter, teacher, author and professional longarm quilter. Her first book, Freemotion Quilting Handbook, was published last year by AQS. She is a regular contributor to On Track (longarm quilting) Magazine plus many others. Judy has won several dozen national awards and is always trying to encourage her students to take their quilting skills to a higher level. Judy dragged her banker husband kicking and screaming into the quilting world. He now paints some of her whole cloth quilts and together they are winning awards at national shows..



Week 1

Judy Woodworth’s book Freemotion Quilting Handbook is useful for both domestic and longarm quilters and is packed full of inspiration, tips and patterns. She likes using gadgets especially the Handi Gadgets from Handi Quilter. Judy uses a circle gadget and says that if your circle is perfect you can have fun with the rest. Her funky feather wreath is easier to do than a traditional wreath. Why?: because it doesn’t have to be perfect. She likes to use YLI variegated thread to make the thread to pop in these designs.

  • Freemotion Quilting Handbook by Judy Woodworth – published by American Quilting Society americanquilter.com
  • Handi Gadgets by Handi Quilter – handiquilter.com
  • YLI threads – ylicorp.com – available at your local quilt shop



Week 2

Judy shares tips with the viewers and demonstrates gadgets and supplies necessary for free motion longarm quilting in this episode. She loves using YLI’s silk metallic thread and shares a tip from a YLI educator. If you use soft touch fine Egyptian thread in the bobbin it doesn’t fight with the silk. She shows how to draw bump back feathers and then stitches the design on the machine proving how easy it is to do.


Short Takes on Longarm Quilting with Vicki Hoth
Inspiration All Around Us

Look at the sole of your sports shoe; it could very well have a pattern that could translate to a quilting design. Vicki shares black and white photos she has taken of items from our everyday lives that can be inspiration. Black and white rather than color helps you see the shapes better.
Think manhole covers, carpet designs, carvings in a Chinese restaurant, jewelry, and on and on.



Week 3

Judy Woodworth shares tips to make your free motion quilting more fun. She suggests taking a picture of the first motif you stitch and print out a copy. Then you have a roadmap to follow so you won’t forget how you did the first one. You just want the rest of the motifs to have the same personality as the first. She stitches a butterfly and stresses it doesn’t have to look exactly like a butterfly; it has to have the “feel” of a butterfly. A sampling of her quilts is displayed including one of her favorites, “Avatar Revisted” based on the movie. The whole idea of free form stitching is having fun and enjoying the quilting.