210: Debby Brown

Debby Brown - It’s All About the Tools

Debby Brown doesn’t remember life without some form of needle arts. Debby’s first trip to the local quilt shop told her she had found her home. She started hand-quilting for other quilters and soon had a long waiting list. Many of her customers asked if she was going to ‘get a longarm’ so she could finish their quilts faster. A longarm? What’s a longarm? The local shop owner (and soon to be mentor) told Debby about longarm quilting machines and helped her create a business finishing quilts for other people (over 3,000 to date). Debby mastered the art of the longarm and was recruited by Handi Quilter to become a teacher. She continues to teach, run workshops and retreats, and write books and articles.



Week 1

Debby Brown proves that great quilting is all about the tools. The clamshell design is classic but with very little effort this simple shape can turn into a stunning design. Debby marks the area where the design will go with chalk and then lets the markings work for her as she fills in using the clamshell tool. Jodie tries her hand at stitching clamshells following Debby’s instructions to get the feel of stitching up against the template and how that “feel” comes very easily. She proves how versatile a simple design can be.


Week 2

Longarm quilters probably already own a set of circle templates, but what do you do with them? By using the markings on your circle templates, you can easily create striking designs. Debby uses a set of half circles from Handi Quilter to create a spiral design that can stand alone or be embellished with feather designs.


Short Takes on Longarm Quilting with Vicki Hoth

“Did you see how many designs Debby coaxed out of one circle?” Jodie asks Vicki. Vicki shows beautiful examples of finished quilting using these simple tools. She then demonstrates how the Handi Quilter right angle ruler easily creates chevron designs.

  • Circle, half circle and right angle ruler templates available from Handi Quilter in various sizes – handiquilter.com



Week 3

Debby Brown demonstrates curved cross hatching using circle templates from Handi Quilter. This has more visual interest than straight cross hatching and can be done in any size. Chalk marking the position of the cross hatching on the quilt before you begin provides a center point and makes the whole stitching process fast and easy. Jodie tries stitching and proves just how simple this can be.