306: Kimmy Brunner

Kimmy Brunner - Third Time’s a Charm

Week 1

For her third appearance on Quilt It! The Longarm Quilting Show Kimmy Brunner shows us that if you are looking for precision work that mimics the perfection of computerized quilting, templates and rulers are your new best friend. Kimmy uses templates on almost every quilt either to create intricate and precise designs or to create the bones or skeleton of the design that she will later fill in with freehand work. Using a couple of her favorite template she stitches out a star design that works for blocks, borders and sashing and follows up with a review of what you’ll need to get started.


Week 2

In this segment Kimmy Brunner shows how to use those curvy little rulers with chalked guidelines to produce outstanding designs. She uses an 8 line stencil from Pam Clarke that makes the process of marking guidelines effortless. When marking freehand she prefers using a mechanical chalk pencil for fine lines. Accuracy is everything when stitching with templates. Kimmy stitches out samples to show just how fast and easy it is.

Short Takes on Longarm Quilting with Vicki Hoth
Vicki always has great tips to share. In this segment she shows a variety of marking tools and the finer 50-60 weight threads Kimmy uses when stabilizing her designs. Here’s another tip: a piece of batting works well to cleanup marking chalk.


Week 3

By drawing out a design on paper first you will know exactly how it will work and can make any adjustments. Kimmy uses a special adapter pencil when drawing that adds the space the hopper foot adds when stitching around a template. She shows us the Quilters Groove Pro Line Ruler which makes stitching tiny little lines brainless. Anytime you use micro stitching you’re punching up the design. Watch to learn Kimmy’s trick for marking on white fabric without leaving any telltale marks.