310: Mindy Wylie

Mindy Wylie - Look What You Can Do With Your Longarm! with Mindy Wylie

Week 1

When Mindy Wylie wanted to quilt swag designs on her quilts, she found no tools to help her. So, she developed her own! Mindy joins Jodie to show how to stitch fabulous swags using her templates. Learn how to turn corners, and where to start so border swags meet correctly in the middle.

Angel Threads


Week 2

Did you now you can make a scarf from fabulous yarns and threads on your longarm machine? You can! Mindy Mylie shows how. The secret is the water soluble stabilizer she loads onto her longarm. This beginner project makes great gifts!

Superior Dissolve 4x
Handi Quilter

Short Takes on Longarm Quilting with Vicki Hoth

Vicki shows us more about swags. She shows samples of dressed up swag quilting designs, using feathers. Then she shows a sample of a swag quilted border. There’s a lot to do with swags!


Week 3

Mindy combines scrapbooking and quilting on the longarm machine. Tulle, the secret ingredient, holds all those wonderful miniatures and trinkets to your quilt, to make fun scrapbook quilts! Mindy shows samples of adorable little quilts that celebrate seasons, holidays and special events.